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  • Fluorine Etymology, Origin And Which Means Of Fluorine By Etymonline

    The reviewers frequently chosen are other anti-F “researchers”. The public deserves complete transparency, not this self-serving pro-fluoridation dogma that people will no longer fall for. Assist the science by understanding it and how it can be misrepresented by those with robust, inflexible beliefs. Powerful beliefs can direct the path scientific study takes, but powerful beliefs […]

  • Automating Material Handling Workflows With Autonomous Robots Modern Machine Shop

    Some of these discussions stay at the level of unbuildable generality and do not strategy the level of detailed engineering. Nanomachines are largely in the research-and-development phase, but some primitive molecular machines have been tested. An instance is a sensor getting a switch approximately 1.5 nanometers across, capable of counting particular molecules in a chemical […]